Controversy over renaming India to Bharat: Government’s proposal sparks debate. Congress and BJP clash over the change. Get the latest updates on this significant development.

Government's Proposal Sparks Debate. Congress and BJP Clash Over the Change
Government’s Proposal Sparks Debate. Congress and BJP Clash Over the Change

Proposal Emerges for Renaming India

Sources have indicated that the Central government led by Prime Minister Modi is considering a resolution to rename India as Bharat during the upcoming Special Session of Parliament.

BJP’s Long-standing Demand

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has advocated for renaming India as Bharat for a considerable period. This demand gained prominence when BJP MP Mitesh Patel from Anand, Gujarat, raised the issue in the Lok Sabha in December 2022. Patel highlighted that the name “India” carries a historical connection to colonialism, as it was bestowed by the British East India Company.

Shifting Away from a “Slavery Mentality”

The Modi-led government has consistently emphasized breaking free from a “slavery mentality” and distancing the nation from any remnants of such thinking, especially during the ongoing “Amrit Kaal.” As part of this effort, there are reports suggesting the removal of the term “India” from the Constitution.

Congress Reacts to G20 Dinner Invitation

The Congress party reacted to the Rashtrapati Bhawan’s invitations for a G20 dinner scheduled for September 9. These invitations were addressed to the “President of Bharat” rather than the usual “President of India.” Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh confirmed this change and expressed concern over the state of the “Union of States.”

BJP’s Defense of “Bharat”

In response to the controversy, senior BJP leader JP Nadda defended the use of “Bharat” and questioned the Congress party’s objections. He raised concerns about the Congress’s stance on issues related to national honor and pride. Nadda accused the Congress of prioritizing the interests of a specific family and alleged anti-national and anti-constitutional intentions within the party.

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