Gadar 2 storms the box office, crossing Rs 500 crore in 11 days. Excitingly, the film plans an OTT release around Diwali, expanding its reach and success.

Gadar 2 storms the box office, crossing Rs 500 crore in 11 day
Gadar 2 storms the box office, crossing Rs 500 crore in 11 day

Box Office Triumph: Gadar 2 Surpasses Rs 500 Crore in Just 11 Days

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s Gadar 2 have swiftly crossed the Rs 500 crore mark in a mere 11 days since its global release. The movie’s impressive performance continues, reflecting its immense popularity.

Sensational Global Impact: Gadar 2’s Unstoppable Box Office Journey

The sequel, ‘Gadar 2: The Katha Continues,’ has resonated powerfully with audiences worldwide. The film’s domestic success stands at Rs 499 crore gross, complemented by an additional Rs 48 crore gross from overseas markets. In total, the movie’s gross collection has soared to Rs 507 crore.

Day 12 Insights and Ongoing Dominance

On its 11th day, Gadar 2’s collection reached over Rs 13 crore, the lowest in its impressive run. Predictions point toward a potential Rs 11 crore collection on its 12th day, further demonstrating the movie’s continued appeal.

Breaking Records: Gadar 2’s Remarkable Box Office Feats

Gadar 2’s impact extends beyond its own genre, overtaking established blockbusters like Pathaan. The film’s second weekend earnings, totaling Rs 90.47 crore, broke records previously held by movies like Baahubali 2.

Global Milestones and Future Prospects

Surpassing the Rs 500 crore mark in worldwide gross collections, the film stands at Rs 458.6 crore (gross) and Rs 388 crore (nett) in India alone. Its momentum suggests that by the end of the third week, Gadar 2 will likely exceed the Rs 500 crore milestone solely in India.

Anticipated OTT Release: Gadar 2’s Next Chapter

While the theatrical experience attracts a massive audience, eager fans await the movie’s OTT release. Recent updates from the director hint at an OTT launch within two months, possibly around the festive season of Diwali.

In conclusion, Gadar 2’s extraordinary box office journey showcases its global resonance. As it continues to rewrite records, its upcoming OTT release promises to reach a wider audience, extending its legacy beyond the silver screen.

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