India’s 77th Independence Day: PM Modi’s inspiring address reflects nation’s potential in shaping a new world order. Global acclaim, challenges, and aspirations unveiled amidst vibrant celebrations. Read the highlights.

Key points of PM Modi's speech today from Red fort.
Key points of PM Modi’s speech today from Red fort.

India’s 77th Independence Day Marked by PM Modi’s Address and Interactions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reflects on India’s Role in Shaping New World Order

On the occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the iconic Red Fort in Delhi. Amidst an elaborate multi-layered security arrangement across the city, more than 10,000 personnel were deployed to ensure the safety of the event. The Prime Minister’s address, which marked his 10th time speaking on this platform, was followed by interactions with special guests who attended the celebration. Balloons in the colors of the national flag were released into the sky as a symbol of unity and pride.

India’s Strength and Potential in a Changing World

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the transformative potential of India on the global stage. He emphasized that, as a new world order takes shape following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, India is at a decisive turning point. He spoke about how the strength of India’s 1.4 billion citizens can shape this changing world order. He noted that experts from around the world are acknowledging India’s unstoppable progress. Comparing the current situation to the post-World War II era, he mentioned that a new geopolitical equation is emerging and that India has the power to influence it.

International Congratulations and Partnerships

French President Emmanuel Macron extended his warm wishes to India on its 77th Independence Day. Macron referred to Prime Minister Modi as a “friend” and emphasized the deepening relationship between India and France. He mentioned their shared ambitions for the future, with a focus on strengthening ties until the centenary year of India’s independence in 2047.

Prime Minister Modi’s Longest Independence Day Speech

This year, Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day speech lasted for nearly 90 minutes. While his longest speech to date was in 2016, lasting 94 minutes, his consistent address from the Red Fort has become a tradition that highlights important aspects of India’s progress, challenges, and ambitions.

Global Acclaim for India’s Growth

Prime Minister Modi expressed his pride in India’s achievements and its recognition by global experts. He mentioned that India’s development is gaining accolades from experts worldwide, and various rating agencies are lauding the country’s progress. He highlighted the role of Indian youth, particularly those from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, in contributing to the nation’s growth, including in fields such as technology and startups.

PM Modi’s Vision and Aspirations for India

Prime Minister Modi shared his vision for the future, stating that he would provide an account of India’s achievements on the next Independence Day. He also acknowledged the role of women’s self-help groups and expressed his dream of empowering millions of women, aiming to create two crore “lakhpati didis” (women with substantial income).

Symbolic Attire and Addressing National Challenges

Continuing a tradition since 2014, Prime Minister Modi donned a vibrant multicolored Rajasthani bandhani print turban, exuding cultural pride and symbolism. During his address, he addressed various challenges facing the country, including corruption, dynastic politics, and the need to fight against them to secure India’s future.

Solidarity Amidst Challenges

Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the challenges faced by several states within India. He expressed sympathy towards affected families and assured them of coordinated efforts by both state and central governments to overcome these difficulties.

Unity and Aspiration on Display

The 77th Independence Day celebrations showcased the unity and aspirations of India’s people. Prime Minister Modi’s address emphasized the faith and expectations the world has from India. This day reminded everyone of the sacrifices made during the freedom struggle and the continuous journey towards a prosperous future.

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