Debate erupts as PM Modi discusses India’s future at G20. BJP applauds visionary leadership, while the opposition raises concerns over rising prices and unemployment. Read the contrasting views here.

Debate erupts as PM Modi discusses India's future at G20
Debate erupts as PM Modi discusses India’s future at G20

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent interview with PTI ahead of the G20 summit has sparked a debate between the BJP and the opposition, each offering contrasting views on his remarks.

PM Modi’s ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ Vision

In the interview, PM Modi emphasized that the ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ (Development for All) model should guide the world’s transition from a GDP-centric approach to a human-centric one. He stressed that every voice matters, regardless of GDP size.

BJP Praises PM Modi’s Vision

Union ministers Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Dharmendra Pradhan lauded PM Modi’s leadership, highlighting India’s rise on the global stage under his tenure. They praised his transformative impact on India’s talent pool and his vision for the nation’s future.

Opposition Questions on Unemployment and Inflation

In contrast, leaders from the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) criticized PM Modi’s remarks, raising concerns about rising unemployment and inflation. They accused the government of prioritizing beautification projects over addressing critical issues.

Mixed Reactions from Opposition Parties

Opposition MPs and leaders from various parties, including Congress, AAP, DMK, RJD, and J&K Congress, questioned the government’s track record on unemployment and essential commodity prices. They cited alleged atrocities on marginalized communities and expressed doubts about political stability.

BJP’s Positive Outlook for India’s Future

Meanwhile, BJP leaders applauded PM Modi’s visionary leadership, emphasizing his long-term vision for India. They believe that his leadership will lead India to become a developed and self-reliant nation by its 100th year of independence in 2047.

PM Modi’s Perspective on G20 and Global Shifts

PM Modi highlighted his government’s decision to host G-20 events across India as an investment in capacity-building. He discussed the shift from a GDP-centric to a human-centric world view, comparing it to the post-World War 2 new world order. He also emphasized India’s role as a catalyst in this global transformation.

PM Modi’s interview reflects his commitment to shaping India’s role on the global stage and his optimism about the country’s future.

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