Prime Minister Modi’s response to no-confidence motion faces criticism from Congress for election-focused speech. Opposition walks out, citing lack of substantial discussion on issues. Confidence in INDIA alliance remains strong for 2024.

Opposition Slams PM's Address for Ignoring Manipur for 90 Mins in Parliament as Election Platform
Opposition Slams PM’s Address for Ignoring Manipur for 90 Mins in Parliament as Election Platform

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response to the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha, the Congress party has criticized him for using the parliamentary platform as an election podium. The Congress alleges that the Prime Minister’s speech showcased his “Congress-phobia.”

Missed Opportunity on Manipur Issue

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge appreciated the Prime Minister for addressing the Manipur issue in the House, but lamented that the delayed discussion wasted valuable parliamentary time. He suggested that earlier cooperation could have led to productive discussions and passage of important bills.

Congress Claims Election Rally Atmosphere

Congress leaders accused the Prime Minister of transforming the parliamentary session into an election rally. Gaurav Gogoi, Deputy Leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha, stated that the Prime Minister displayed a fear of the Congress and criticized him for focusing more on attacking the opposition than on addressing pertinent issues.

Opposition Walkout and Critique

Opposition MPs walked out during the Prime Minister’s speech, asserting that the Manipur issue was insufficiently addressed in the initial 90 minutes. Gogoi remarked that the Prime Minister’s excessive emphasis on Congress-bashing indicated his discomfort with the unity of the INDIA alliance.

Unity Amid Discontent

Despite the Prime Minister’s speech, Congress and the Opposition remain confident in their united stance, dedicated to safeguarding constitutional values and principles. Gogoi expressed optimism about the INDIA alliance’s prospects in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Lack of Substance and Focus

Critics, including Shashi Tharoor and DMK MP TR Baalu, highlighted the absence of substantive discussion on critical issues. They noted that the Prime Minister’s speech predominantly targeted the opposition and lacked substantial references to the no-confidence motion’s concerns.

Unfulfilled Expectations

Opposition MPs had hoped for insights into the situations in Manipur and other regions marred by violence. However, the Prime Minister’s speech was deemed primarily political, failing to provide the desired responses to pressing questions raised by the no-confidence motion.

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