Rahul Gandhi addresses Parliament in no-confidence debate, spotlighting Manipur issue. He reflects on Bharat Jodo Yatra and critiques government actions. Explore his perspectives on India’s challenges and political landscape.

No Confidence Motion Continues, Rahul Gandhi addressing Parliament.
No Confidence Motion Continues, Rahul Gandhi addressing Parliament.

Opening the Debate on No-Confidence Motion

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took the floor in Parliament on the second day, starting the discussion on a no-confidence motion. His focus was on PM Narendra Modi’s handling of the Manipur issue.

Confirmation of Participation

Earlier in the day, senior party members had confirmed Rahul Gandhi’s intention to speak during the Parliament session.

Gratitude and Veiled Critique

Rahul Gandhi began by thanking the speaker for his opportunity to address the Parliament. He subtly criticized the government, saying, “Don’t worry, I won’t speak on Adani today.”

He stated, “I will definitely throw some bombs, but they won’t be as deadly as the last time.”

Bharat Jodo Yatra Mission

Discussing his Bharat Jodo Yatra mission, he shared, “Initially, I had no agenda. All I wanted to do is experience my India, my country.” He reflected on his interactions with people and the impact on his journey.

Learning from Humility

He admitted, “Initially, when I started the Yatra, I thought walking 25 km was easy since I run 10 km daily. Today, I realize that was arrogance. India erases arrogance in seconds.” He acknowledged that his ego had been humbled by the challenges he faced during the Yatra.

Listening to India’s Voice

Gandhi emphasized, “What I understood is Bharat is a voice. And unless you can ignore your ego and ambition, you cannot listen to that voice.”

Addressing the Manipur Issue

He criticized PM Modi’s approach to the Manipur issue, saying, “PM Modi did visit Manipur, as he does not consider the state to be part of India.”

Sharing a heart-wrenching account, he stated, “While I was speaking to a woman in a camp, she expressed that her son was shot in front of her, and she spent the night with his body.”

He accused the BJP of silencing the voice of Manipur and India, calling them “Deshdrohi” (traitors) instead of “Deshipremi” (patriots).

Legal Background

Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in a criminal defamation case was recently stayed by the Supreme Court over a Modi surname remark. On Monday, he was reinstated as a member of the Lok Sabha.

No-Confidence Motion Debate

The Lok Sabha initiated the debate on the no-confidence motion on Tuesday.

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