Explore key points from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha during the no-confidence motion debate. PM Modi addresses opposition allegations, highlights achievements, and responds with confidence.

. PM Modi addresses opposition allegations, highlights achievements, and responds with confidence.
. PM Modi addresses opposition allegations, highlights achievements, and responds with confidence.

PM Modi’s Remarks in Lok Sabha: Key Highlights

PM Modi Mocks Opposition’s ‘Mohabbat ki Dukaan’ as ‘Jhooth ka Bazaar’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ridiculed the opposition’s self-proclaimed ‘Mohabbat ki dukaan’ (shop of love) as a ‘loot ki dukaan, jhooth ka bazaar’ (shop of loot, marketplace of lies). Modi criticized the opposition for its history of hate, scams, and dishonesty, pointing to events like emergency, partition, and Sikh riots.

Aug 10, 2023 18:47 IST

Understanding Rahul Gandhi’s Mind and Heart: PM Modi’s Remark

PM Modi commented on Rahul Gandhi’s recent speech, stating that he has known the state of Rahul’s mind for a long time, and now he understands what’s in his heart. “Unke dimaag ke haal ko lambe samay se jaanta hoon, ab unke dil ka bhi pta chal gaya,” he said.

Aug 10, 2023 18:47 IST

PM Modi’s Jab at Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hanuman Ji Ne Lanka Nahi Jalayi…’ Remark

PM Modi sarcastically addressed Rahul Gandhi’s statement “Hanuman Ji Ne Lanka Nahi Jalayi…” (Hanuman did not burn Lanka…) and remarked that due to their ego, the Congress has been reduced from 400 seats to 40 seats.

Aug 10, 2023 18:36 IST

PM Modi Targets Gandhi Family, Criticizes Congress Party’s Ego

PM Modi took a dig at the Congress party and the Gandhi family, highlighting their ego-driven politics that resulted in their decline from 400 to 40 seats in elections. He likened people to Lord Ram, implying that the Congress downfall was akin to Ram’s decline of 400 wickets.

He further criticized the “Darbar system” within the party, suggesting that many members have been denied their rights.

“Everyone in I.N.D.I.A. Bloc Wants to be PM,” Remarks PM Modi

In a scathing critique of the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that every member within the I.N.D.I.A. alliance aspires to become the prime minister of the country.

“Changing Names Won’t Hide Sins,” Asserts PM Modi

Addressing the I.N.D.I.A. alliance, PM Modi firmly stated that changing their names will not conceal their wrongdoings from the vigilant eyes of the Indian populace.

“Gandhi Family Stole Gandhi’s Name,” Accuses PM Modi

Taking a swipe at the Gandhi family, the Prime Minister alleged that they even appropriated the name of Mahatma Gandhi and referenced an incident where they seized the national flag in 1920.

“Our Mantra Took India to New Heights,” PM Modi Asserts

Defending his government’s approach, PM Modi highlighted that while the opposition criticizes them, their guiding principle of ‘reform, perform, and transform’ has propelled India toward unprecedented progress.

“Opposition Loves to Defame India,” PM Modi Condemns

PM Modi expressed his concern that the opposition seems inclined to discredit India in various aspects, including their mistrust in domestically produced Covid-19 vaccines, implying a lack of faith in the nation’s capabilities.

“Adding ‘Is’ Broke India’s Name,” Accuses PM Modi

Lambasting the I.N.D.I.A. Bloc, the Prime Minister alleged that they added two “Is” to their name – one representing 26 parties and the other symbolizing a single family. He claimed this addition compromised India’s integrity.

“Cremating UPA in Bengaluru,” PM Modi’s Jibe

Taking a humorous jibe at the I.N.D.I.A Bloc, PM Modi sympathized with the opposition, stating that while they gathered to cremate the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in Bengaluru, they inadvertently indulged in their own internal conflicts.

These statements offer a glimpse into the ongoing no-confidence motion debate, with PM Modi actively countering the opposition’s allegations and presenting his government’s perspective.

India’s Progress in Poverty Reduction

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the positive impact of his government’s policies, stating that 13.5 crore people have been lifted out of poverty in the past 5 years, based on a NITI Aayog report.

Opposition’s Lack of Confidence

Addressing the no-confidence motion, PM Modi noted historical instances where Congress faced distrust from the people in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal after winning elections there.

Critique of Opposition’s View

PM Modi remarked that the Opposition seems to struggle with acknowledging positive aspects of the country, suggesting that they have a tendency to focus on negative narratives.

Government’s Achievements and Image

Highlighting the accomplishments of his administration, the Prime Minister emphasized that despite attempts to tarnish India’s image, global trust in the country is growing.

Opposition’s ‘Special Vardan’

In a unique analogy, PM Modi suggested that the Opposition’s negative attitude towards him and his government has paradoxically resulted in his prosperity, referring to it as their “special vardan” (blessing).

Opposition’s Slogans

Taking a critical stance on the Opposition, PM Modi criticized their favorite slogan, “Modi teri kabr khudegi” (Modi, your grave will be dug), emphasizing the need for unity and national progress.

Challenges of the Present

PM Modi emphasized the current critical phase for India’s growth and development, urging all to prioritize the country’s interests over political gains and work together for the betterment of the nation.

Opposition’s Priorities

In a final jab, the Prime Minister accused the Opposition of prioritizing electoral victories and personal gains over the welfare of the people and the nation.

Introduction and Background:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha during the no-confidence motion debate.
  • Opposition demanded PM’s statement on Manipur ethnic violence.

Quotes from PM Modi:

  1. Acknowledgment of Opposition’s Motion:
  • PM Modi considers the no-confidence motion a blessing, repeating the situation from 2018.
  • Differentiates the motion as not being a floor test for his government but for the opposition.
  1. People’s Trust and Mandate:
  • Points out the opposition’s failure during voting and the public’s preference for NDA and BJP.
  • Views the opposition’s motion as fortunate, predicting a strong mandate for NDA and BJP.
  1. Focus on Power and Neglect of People:
  • Accuses the opposition of prioritizing power over the welfare of the poor and youth.
  • Highlights opposition’s concern for their future rather than the nation’s future.
  1. Parliamentary Tactics:
  • Draws attention to the absence of Adhir Chowdhury, questions his sidelining by his party.
  • Expresses sympathy for Adhir Chowdhury’s situation.
  1. Opposition’s Perception of the Country:
  • Criticizes the opposition for being unable to acknowledge positive aspects of the country.
  • Likens the opposition’s role to a “kala tika,” bringing negativity even in favorable situations.
  1. Government’s Achievements:
  • Cites NITI Aayog and international organizations praising initiatives like DBT and Jal Jeevan Mission.
  • Mentions the success of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and profitability growth of public sector banks.
  1. Allegations and Counterclaims:
  • Counters opposition’s claims about HAL and LIC’s downfall, citing their strengthening and growth.
  • Notes the opposition’s negative slogans and abusive language against him.
  1. Positive Impact of Opposition’s Criticism:
  • Reflects on how opposition’s criticism often results in positive outcomes.
  • Shares his view that their negative remarks contribute to his flourishing.

PM Modi responds to opposition’s accusations with confidence and counters their claims with data and examples.

(Note: The quoted text is a paraphrased version of PM Modi’s statements.)
(Source- Sansad TV)

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