Former ‘Bandit King’ Malkhan Singh, who once surrendered his life of crime, joins Congress in a bid to challenge BJP’s stronghold in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, marking a transformative journey into politics.

Bandit King' Malkhan Singh, who once surrendered his life of crime, joins Congress
Bandit King’ Malkhan Singh, who once surrendered his life of crime, joins Congress

From Surrender to Political Foray

Decades after Malkhan Singh, known as the “Bandit King,” laid down his arms and renounced crime, he’s set to enter the political arena. Having surrendered to the Congress government in 1982, Singh is now joining the Congress party’s campaign against the BJP in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.

The Battleground: Bhind

The Congress has strategically chosen Bhind, a part of the Bundelkhand region, for its election battle. This region holds significance as it encompasses 26 Assembly seats, with a history of the BJP’s dominance.

A History of Transformation

Singh’s journey from a feared dacoit to a Congress campaigner is remarkable. Once the leader of a gang with 94 criminal cases, he eventually surrendered and became a symbol of transformation.

Singh’s Motivation

Singh’s decision to join the Congress is fueled by his disillusionment with the BJP. He highlights the BJP’s alleged indifference to atrocities and deteriorating law and order.

Kamal Nath’s Welcome

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath welcomed Singh into the Congress fold. Singh’s entry is seen as a move to challenge the BJP’s stronghold and stand up against corruption and injustice.

Changing Political Alliances

Having contested for different parties in the past, Singh’s political journey has seen shifts. From a Samajwadi Party ticket to BJP campaigns, Singh’s motivations have evolved.

Aiming to Make a Difference

Malkhan Singh’s entry into the political sphere is marked by his resolve to challenge the status quo. He aims to be a voice against injustices and advocate for Madhya Pradesh’s future.

A New Chapter

With a history marked by notoriety, Singh’s new chapter as a political campaigner showcases the potential for redemption and transformation even in the most unexpected circumstances.

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