Controversial remarks by Himachal Pradesh CM on ‘Bihari architects’ draw criticism from opposition. The divisive comments during a time of disaster spark debate over accountability and unity. Learn more about the aftermath.

Controversial remarks by Himachal Pradesh CM on 'Bihari architects' draw criticism from the opposition.
Controversial remarks by Himachal Pradesh CM on ‘Bihari architects’ draw criticism from the opposition.

CM’s Statement Draws Criticism

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s comments about “Bihari architects” referring to widespread destruction in the state has sparked backlash from the opposition, particularly targeting the Congress government.

Opposition Condemns CM’s Remark

Former Urban Development Minister and senior BJP leader Suresh Bhardwaj criticized the CM’s statement, asserting that during times of disaster, faulting laborers was unjust. He emphasized the need for the CM to prioritize relief work and focus on scientific development strategies instead of placing blame.

AAP Leader Decries Divisive Mentality

Senior AAP leader Malwinder Singh Kang strongly condemned the CM’s remarks as “irresponsible” and reflective of a divisive mentality. He expressed that blaming a hardworking community like laborers is inappropriate and that structural violations should be attributed to government failures.

CM Attempts to Distance Himself

In response to the controversy, CM Sukhu distanced himself from the statement, claiming he never made such comments. He highlighted his efforts to help people from Bihar during challenging times.

CM’s Initial Statement

In a previous interview with The Indian Express, CM Sukhu had referred to “Bihari architects” twice. He suggested that some houses collapsing during the devastating floods did not adhere to structural engineering norms, leading him to use the term “Bihari architects.”

Focus on Structural Engineering

The CM later clarified that building damages were due to structural engineering issues. The monsoon brought unprecedented devastation to the hill state, resulting in significant loss of life and property damage.

The controversy highlights the need for accurate communication during times of crisis and the importance of addressing issues constructively rather than resorting to divisive language.

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