Union Home Minister Amit Shah addresses Manipur violence in Lok Sabha, accuses Congress of politicization. He emphasizes improved situation, support for CM Biren Singh, and willingness to discuss the issue.

Amit Shah while addressing Rajya Sabha.
Amit Shah while addressing Rajya Sabha.

In a recent Lok Sabha session, Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the issue of violence in Manipur, accusing the Congress party of politicizing the matter. He emphasized that the BJP was open to discussing the situation and urged the Opposition to refrain from exacerbating tensions.

Manipur Violence: Shah’s Statement

Amit Shah acknowledged the occurrence of ethnic clashes in Manipur, labeling them as shameful. He criticized the Congress for politicizing the violence, stating that such actions were even more disgraceful.

Improved Situation and Request for Restraint

Shah highlighted that the violence in Manipur had been diminishing and requested the Opposition to avoid worsening the situation. He mentioned that Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Manipur was aimed at political gain and cited an instance where Gandhi’s mode of travel had sparked controversy.

Support for Manipur Chief Minister

The Home Minister defended Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh and asserted that he was cooperating with the Centre to address the state’s challenges. Shah rejected calls for Singh’s removal, stating that the CM was actively working in collaboration with the government.

Opposition’s Approach and Government’s Willingness to Discuss

Shah criticized the Opposition for avoiding productive discussions and opting for disruptive behavior. He highlighted his willingness to engage in dialogue regarding the Manipur issue and expressed frustration with the Opposition’s alleged avoidance of genuine discourse.

Government’s Efforts to Prevent Curfew

Shah emphasized that during the government’s six-year tenure, curfew had not been necessitated. He refuted claims of avoiding discussions and accused the Opposition of spreading misinformation.

High Court Ruling and Aggravated Situation

The Home Minister explained that a High Court ruling in April had directed the Manipur government to consider including the Meitei community in the Scheduled Tribes list. He noted that this ruling had worsened the situation, leading to increased tensions.

Conclusion and Adjournment

Amit Shah’s speech during the no-confidence motion session lasted two hours. Lok Sabha adjourned following his statement, with debates set to resume at 11 am on Thursday.

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