PM Modi highlights NITI Aayog’s poverty reduction report and SBI’s income growth findings. Transformation of India’s socio-economic landscape and empowerment underscored in his address.

PM Modi highlights NITI Aayog's poverty reduction report and SBI's income growth finding
PM Modi highlights NITI Aayog’s poverty reduction report and SBI’s income growth finding

Addressing India’s Progress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the recent reports from NITI Aayog and the State Bank of India (SBI) regarding poverty reduction and income growth. These reports indicate an upward trajectory for millions of Indians.

Moving Out of Poverty

The NITI Aayog report reveals that over 13.5 crore Indians have moved out of poverty in the last five years. This represents a remarkable shift towards prosperity and economic improvement.

Income Growth and Transition

The SBI report highlights a three-fold increase in the weighted mean income of taxpayers since 2014. This signifies not only poverty reduction but also a significant shift of a portion of the population from lower to upper income groups.

Empowerment Through Financial Gains

The PM asserts that his administration’s policies have empowered citizens by placing more money and benefits in their hands. Initiatives like PM Awas Yojana and PM Ujjwala Yojana have contributed to this positive shift.

**Modi’s Address: A Positive Outlook

During a ‘Rozgar Mela’ address, PM Modi underscored the positive atmosphere in the country due to constructive government decisions. He referred to the recent reports as “two big news” that highlight the reduction of poverty and the increase in prosperity.

Economic Growth and Confidence

The increase in the number of filed IT returns reflects growing confidence in the government. This upward trend indicates citizens’ willingness to contribute to the country’s development through income tax payments.

Reforming the Past, Building the Future

PM Modi emphasized the transformation in the economy since 2014. He highlighted the rise from the 10th place to the fifth place globally. The direct transfer of funds to the bank accounts of the poor has minimized leakages and prioritized welfare.

Uttar Pradesh’s Success Story

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also points to progress. The Reserve Bank of India’s bulletin shows UP’s leading position in project cost share. This reflects a burgeoning trust in UP’s leadership and investment climate.

Validation of Governance

The RBI bulletin not only validates Chief Minister Yogi’s efforts but also proves critics wrong. Uttar Pradesh’s share of project costs has increased by 11.8% over the last two years, demonstrating effective governance.

In essence, PM Modi emphasizes that his administration’s efforts have not only reduced poverty but also fostered prosperity, and that these achievements have been validated by key reports.

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